My good RL friend jeckasue just signed up for a livejournal. She’s new to the world of ‘blogging but hopes it will be fun. So everyone mosey on over and give her a good welcome to the world of ‘blogging and LJ! 🙂

jeckasue rocks because 1. she scrapbooks 2. she’s a reader 3. she’s fun 4. she’s pretty 5. she’s got the cutest little boy ever in her state 6. she’s very intelligent 7. she rubber stamps 8. she even likes some of the TV shows I like. (oooh jeckasue??? No Rachel and Joey! MWAHAHAHAHA) 8. She’s LDS like me 9. She introduced me to jokers 10. Do I really need to say anything else? She’s JECKASUE!!!! 🙂

((HUGS)) to my friend. I look forward to your ‘blogging adventures!!