It’s easy to just coast through life.  Until things get sticky.  And then, then you wish for a little fairy dust to make things all right.

How can I make it through?  We ask ourselves this question during the hard patches.  Some of us ask it more than we want people to realize. Sharing ourselves is the hardest thing to do.

We don’t look for the fairy dust when we are happy and things are going great.  Only when things careen off the highway of life.  That’s when we need it most.

What about the good times though?  When all is well?  Sure, we don’t need it.  But does someone around us?  How hard would it be to go looking for the magic fairy dust?  So we can share with those who might need it.  Fairy dust is illusive, wouldn’t you like someone to help you find it when you are desperately in search of it?  Sure! 

So maybe you don’t need the fairy dust today.  But you might tomorrow.  Maybe your car is acting up, or someone is sick, or you are stressed out because people are coming over, or your boss just plain sucks, or you just can’t seem to catch up with your work.  Do your karma some good, sprinkle the dust to someone else today.

It might just be a phone call asking how things are going, a text message, baking cookies.  You never know when a quick contact might be just what someone needs.  Smile at someone in the grocery store, leave the good tip at the restaurant, wave to your neighbour you never talk to.

Sometimes you need some fairy dust.  And sometimes you need to sprinkle it on others.  

Who will you sprinkle today?

-Lady O


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