Yeah, we’ve all heard it before.  “What’s your sign.”  One of the lamest pickup lines ever.  Seriously, like anyone is going to take THAT seriously?  Maybe if they’re completely desperate.

Pickup lines are lame.  Guys, give them up.  Whatever crappy thing you say, we girls are in the loo making fun of you.  Just thought you’d like to know.  Sorry to burst your bubble.  Nope, it didn’t hurt when we fell out of heaven.  Cause we’re just downright demonic in our ripping apart your tired old lines.

Talking to a friend tonight, we were talking about our astrological signs.  How we fit into the traits.  I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a Taurus all the way.  You are hard pressed to find someone more stubborn and obnoxious and completely bullheaded.  I’ll admit it.  I am not ashamed.  Actually I’m a bit of a snot, so I am kind of proud of it.  It is what makes me interesting.

Something interesting that many do not know though about me.  I was born premature.  Very premature, actually.  In another life, I should have been a Cancer.  Pause to reflect on myself for a moment.  Ahhh, look at me.  Good thing I’m hot.  I don’t mind the reflection.  Yeah, you know me so well.

As much as I am ruled by my birth sign of the stubborn old bull, I find that I am so in tune with my would be sign.  Interesting.  So, you who know me… what do you think?  Am I more Cancer or more Taurus?  Do I fit more with where I was born in the lovely flowery May with all its spring glory and beauty?  With the lovely emeralds?  Or am I more July with the hot and steamy summer and the radiant rubies?

Hey, what’s my sign?  And yours?

-Lady O

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