Ahh the sun shining, the birds singing, and warm air greets our days.  For me, I find it easy to just waste the time away admiring the beauty of the earth.  Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons, quickly followed up by Summer.  Fresh air you can enjoy without shivering from the cold.

Knowing how quickly the day slips away if I am not careful, I look for opportunities to revel in the warmth.  All to soon winter will descend upon me, ushering in shortened days and freezing weather.  Less sunshine just seems less cheerful and the cold weather causes my knees great pain. 

In an effort to take advantage of this wonderful weather, to take the time to enjoy this beautiful earth, and finally to help make myself a bit healthier, I walk.  I know I am guilty of a sedentary lifestyle.  So much I want to do, and so little time to do it in.  Most of what I want to do are quiet activities that while enjoyable, do nothing for my physically.

I love, more than anything, to curl up with a great book or a new movie.  I enjoy escaping the complexities of my life by leaping into the lives of others.  Fictional or otherwise.  I laugh, I cry, I relax by doing this.  My imagination takes flight, taking me to new heights.  I learn, and I grow.

This is not a bad thing, broadening one’s mind.  Yet it does cause the problem of muscles atrophying from disuse.  I suppose I could pry myself off my futon with a crowbar and leave my humble abode.  Blink in the bright sunshine of the outdoors and try to convince my body it really is NOT of the vampiric sort. 

So, now I walk.  On my own.  Sure, I take my boys out and we hike through battlefields and tour museums and walk DC to get to sites we want desperately to see.  Any parent will tell you that while you may get some excercise, walking with kids is a mixed bag.  You walk slower so little legs can keep up, take frequent breaks, that sort of thing.  On the other hand, there might come a time where you are carrying one of those little ones, and then that’s a great workout. 

Yes, I am a member to The Mommy Gym.  Last I checked, I can bench-press a four year old child.  Laundry duty between floors in my home is my version of the stairmaster.  Weight lifting gallons of milk tons my biceps.

The Mommy Gym is great.  Better though is getting out on my own and walking.  Sometimes, I listen to podcasts on my iPod.  Since I’m so far behind the podcast playlist threatens to kill me in my sleep if I do not listen, this works well.  I exercise and I clean out some hard drive space and hear my podcasting friends’ latest and greatest.  Of course latest and greatest can mean 5 months old at this point, but you get the picture. 

Other times, I walk with a friend down the street.  We talk about our day, our kids, our goals.  Sometimes we talk about God and service.  We swap recipes.  We open ourselves to one another without having to fight off kids, distracted by dishes, or any of the other things that causes all mothers to feel just a touch ADD.  We moms are busy, and often we talk while doing four other things at one time.  Walking alone with a friend helps everything focus and gives us time to really connect.

Plus, I’m sure all that jaw movement burns a calorie or two more, right?  Sure!

There are several circuits through my neighbourhood mapped out.  Variety is the spice of life someone once said. I am a firm believer in that.  Mixing up the path one takes is wonderful.  Having something to occupy yourself with while walking helps as well. 

My shoes might not like the workout, but I love it.  It feels good to work muscles, I feel as though I’m firming up and losing some inches.  I walk up to three miles now, every day.  That is some serious mileage as the days add up.

These shoes are made for walking.  That’s just what they’ll do.  I hear them calling to me.  “Get up off of that thing!”

– Lady O


Originally posted on ladyozma.vox.com