Hello, world.

Upon entering the frightening world of higher education, I figured I would have some… interesting… assignments.  I’m a theatre major, you see.  So sure, lay it on me.  But this?  THIS? 

Today, I get the end all be all worst assignment ever.  No assignment is as hideous as this.  None.  If there is a trophy, no a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for “Most heinous homework of all time” this is it.  When she announced it, my toes curled.  They actually curled.  I thought that was just some moronic description writers use in sappy romance novels. 

A blog.  A blog?  What the heck can I write about?  I can’t even talk face to face with my roommate, now I’m supposed to write to you?  The unknown masses out there in cyberspace?

What could I possibly write that would interest you?  I have no polarizing opinions.  I could care less what Paris Hilton did lately.  There is no opinion in my head about the war in Iraq.  It does not matter to me how moronic someone thinks the current US President is. 

I prefer to live my life in the shadows, hiding from my fellow human beings.  The less you know about me, the better.  In fact, the less I know about you, the happier I can live my life.  As long as my DVD player works and Netflix arrives regularly, I am a pretty satisfied soul.  Now, if I don’t see my red envelope in the mail… that’s another story.

So, here I am.  Faced with this burden.  To blog. So for you, my unwitting readers, I must find a subject. 

How does one go about this?  Let me let you in my secret.  I found a list of 100 popular blog topics.  Score!  I shall choose one at random.  Oh where, oh where will my finger land?

Are you ready? 

“Fixing conferences.”

Fascinating subject, that!  This is the hands down best topic ever for a blog!  I know you already look forward to my next entry with baited breath, which apparently will revolve around “fixing conferences”.

Until next time,



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