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This past week passed by me in a manic blur of decorating, shopping, cookies, music, and a plethora of Christmas themed readings. I attended one cookie swap, one Advent ceremony, the devotional at the Stake Center, and three holiday parties. This is truly one of the busiest times of the year.

Preparing to speak about Christmas, I made the mistake of thinking I lucked out with an easy topic. Who doesn’t like Christmas? With so much going on at this time of year, how could I not easily fill up my time? By Saturday night, however, I still sat with mostly blank pages and lost as to what direction to go. Christmas, a broad topic, and where does one even begin?

Like the wise men, I traveled this week in my quest for the Savior. I began at the dawn of recorded history and followed the prophecies. I stood witness, at the meridian of time, to the birth of the Christ child. I continued on through modern day with the teachings and traditions surrounding this time of year.

I not only traversed time, but also the globe. All things began in the Garden of Eden, and so did I, following Adam and Eve. I sat at Isiah’s feet. I joined those on the American continent when Samuel preached from atop a city wall.

The journey gave me a feeling of weariness. Did the wise men feel that weariness when they finally found their King? What of Mary and Joseph when at last they found a kind innkeeper that allowed them rest in a stall? The shepherds in the field, were they weary from a long day’s work and then a walk into Bethlehem? As weary as I felt, I also felt a desire to continue on, following my Lord and Savior where ever He might lead.

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