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The Temple grants us a place for learning and revelation. The two go hand in hand.

During Caramon’s illness, that learning came in the form of a strong testimony of the immense blessing of having our children sealed to us.  How grateful I was to that knowledge!

There are countless accounts throughout our scriptures and testimonies of revelations, both large and small, that come from serving in the House of the Lord. Often when we least expect it and sometimes with even less expected revelations.

I think of Zacharias. He and his wife had long given up the hope of a child of their own. One day, he goes to do his work in the Temple and the amazing thing happens. He receives a revelation and that revelation is in regards to a child, John the Baptist.  When I read that account, it amazes me how much the Lord loves us and wants to answer our prayers if we are but faithful servants to Him.

We might not all be visited by angels or receive miraculous revelations like Zacharias, but through Temple attendance we can open the doors wide to the Lord’s inspiration in our lives. How sweet it is when we sit in the Celestial Room, seeking an answer to our own prayer, and receive an answer?

Sometimes those answers don’t come right away. I know that countless times I’ll go to the Temple seeking an answer and it will come on the drive home, the next day while reading my scriptures, or through a talk in Church the following Sunday.

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