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From the ancient Israelites struggling to our early Saints sacrificing everything they owned in the construction of Temples,  the buildings themselves are a testament to faith of the Lord’s people.

Similarly it takes a lot of faith to attend the Temple.  I’m often touched by the stories of those that scrimp and save and then travel for days to attend the Temple. I remember a time when there were not so many Temples, even in this great country.  How blessed we are that the doors have opened to allow for so many Temples to dot our Earth!

I know it can seem a trek, even here, to get to the Temple, but it is a trek so worth making.

Our children are blessed immensely by living in the shadow of the Temple as well as by our attendance. I relished the opportunity to take my young children to the grounds of the Temple, and it was a wonderful experience to hear them marvel at the House of the Lord. I shared my testimony of Temple attendance with them. It’s a special thing to see their joy in temple trips now that they are in the youth program.

Like many of our children and probably many of you, the first time I saw a Temple, it was a breathtaking sight.  I marveled at the splendid beauty of the DC Temple and asked my mother, “What is that building?”  She informed me that it was the Mormon Temple here in DC and I remember thinking, “I’ve heard ‘House of the Lord’ but I never knew someone would build a castle!”

I looked at my mother and simply said, “I want to be married there.”

Unlike most gathered here today, I was not a member of the Church at that time. As a child, the extent of my knowledge about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was they existed to build a beautiful white castle in DC.

What a seemingly impossible thing. I even remember my mother laughing and telling me it could never happen.  However, the Lord didn’t just make this one thing possible, he pretty much made it impossible to avoid. If we have the righteous desire to follow the Lord’s principles, He will literally do whatever it takes to help you make that desire happen.  If you trust in Him, you can surpass any obstacle in your life keeping you from worshiping in His Holy House.

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