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I generated a lot of conversation with my first Project: Me post yesterday. Seems a lot of people dig the idea of me ditching Troll-Oz for Domestic Goddess-Oz. I kind of like this idea. I’m pretty darn sure The Man would probably agree.

Part of becoming that domestic goddess that will make for a far more lovable wife, comes from appearance. I’ll just admit right here and now… this is probably one of my biggest downfalls. I’m not kidding. I also know this is a sticking point for The Man.

Let’s be frank. Men think with their eyeballs. They like pretty things. They are fairly ADD about this. It is just the way they are hardwired. Why this is? I’ll never know. If I do manage to figure it out, I’ll publish a book and make trillions.

Women everywhere want to know why this is.

The bad thing is that I married a man who thinks with his eyeballs. Why is this bad when I just said that this is how men are? Would I prefer a life of spinsterhood. Hmmm, as wonderful as that can seem during the rough patches, we all know it’s just no fun being single. The grass is so not any greener on the other side of the fence. So here’s the problem with me marrying a man thinking with his eyeballs:

I am not fashionable.

And I mean really not fashionable. I’m the type of person that would reach into a closet, grab the nearest thing, put it on, and not even care that I just mixed polka dots, plaids, and stripes. That’s still bad, right?

I never wear jewelry. I mean I don’t even wear my wedding ring. I take stuff off to wash dishes or take a shower or go swimming and it’s three weeks before I’m like, “Oh, I should really probably put that ring back on.” I have this wonderful headache bracelet and I can’t tell you how many times The Domestic God comes up to me with it and asks if I want to put it on because for whatever reason, it’s sitting on the bathroom sink.

It’s just who I am.

I also hate shopping. So I’m fashion stupid and I hate shopping. This could be very bad.

This part of my Project: Me began last year. I stumbled across a fashion blog. What on earth is a fashion blog? I had no idea people actually blogged about this. And it’s not like Ralph Lauren’s blog. I mean it’s normal people like me and they post pictures of what they wore. And it amazed me.

How can these people look so put together? How can they match stuff up? And how on earth can they stand to have their photograph taken… to post on the web?

There’s a reason I’m a photographer. I take pictures of people so no one has to break their camera shooting me. I’m just sayin’… I really do look like a troll a lot of the time. It’s the crazy hair and sweats. And bad teeth. But mostly crazy hair and sweats.

I’m still clueless. Jeggings? For real? (I’m pretty sure that NO ONE wants to see me in jeggings, even if Conan apparently rocked them.  I mean there are just some things that are wrong. Me? Jeggings? Probably one of those things.)

My goal for this year is to take what tiny bit I learned, and grow that knowledge. I need to find a better way to put together my outfit than tossing something on as I run out the door. (No kidding, that’s what I do.) I need to take that ball of stuff in my jewelry box and figure out how to put it together with outfits. And I need to not always wear the same trainers each and every day. Even if they are comfy and that’s far easier.

What’s more, I need to learn how to do this on a budget because I don’t know about you people but this Domestic Goddess in Training cannot afford to hire a personal shopper (as much as I wish I could hire people like Elaine) and I definitely can’t afford to shop at Saks. Even on a clearance sale.

So let’s refresh. Here’s a list of what I need to do:

  • Learn how to put an outfit together
  • To be flattering to my five foot four size ten self
  • And not clash
  • Figure out how to wear shoes )that I haven’t worn everyday for the last year ) to compliment my outfit- I do have these Hot Boots that I never put on. Someone should beat me for this. Hot Boots need to see the light of day
  • Remind myself accessories are the finishing touches to any look
  • Thus reminding myself to actually use what few accessories I have
  • Find ways to look like a Domestic Goddess on a shoestring budget

I’d like to say that this will be easy for me, but I’d be lying. I am, after all, the girl who actually LIKED wearing a uniform to private school because it meant it only took 2 minutes to get ready in the morning.

I’ll throw into this mix that I’ll also remember to actually take care of my hair. The roots are bad. I nearly cried when I looked at that post I did about going to a Christmas party. I’m far too young to have that many grey streaks.

So long Frumpy Troll, hello Gorgeous Domestic Goddess!

If I can just figure it all out. Fashion is hard.

My husband, and his eyeballs, will probably like this part of Project: Me the most.

–Lady O

Project: Me is something I have been working on to improve myself in various aspects of my life. I started about a year or so ago, but never actually formalized it. This is my attempt to record it and formulate goals. I feel this needs to become a real project. The only way I will ever find happiness is to become happy myself. Without working on myself, I will never find nor maintain happiness. Project: Me will most likely be a lifelong endeavor, but enjoy this glimpse of my attempts at becoming a better wife, mother, child of God… a better me!

Are you working on your own personal project? I would love to hear about it. Meanwhile stay tuned for:

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