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I am so not a Fashion Blogger. I am so not a fashion anything. My idea of fashion is hoping the lightbulb works in my closet but figuring it doesn’t matter anyways.

I might make some silly and completely useless garb, but that doesn’t mean that I know anything about Haute Couture. However, as part of my Project: Me this year, I want to find a way to look better. This includes paying more attention to my dress.

Even when I’d rather just lounge in yoga pants.

This week I managed to put together two amazing outfits and that is most definitely blogworthy. One might even be Elaine-worthy.  I will never ever be as cute as Elaine, but maybe reading her blog will somehow rub off on me!

Last week it may have…

Super Cute Brown and Blue 1

Isn't this outfit super cute? For this reason, I thought of Elaine!

Elaine posts the cutest outfits. No matter what she is wearing, she’s super cute! I got so many compliments on my cute outfit, I wondered if I might finally “get it”. If so, it’s because of wonderful fashion bloggers like Elaine!

Super Cute Brown and Blue 2

I really love how bright and "Springy" it feels!

I actually got the three parts that make up the top of this outfit to go with a pair of brown skinny trousers. I love the look of brown and this blue together! For the record, the blue makes me think of spring, which I’ve been wanting for so long! Also, I love the fact that the top isn’t a straight hem. The slant makes me happy.

The Hot Boots

I always feel super hot in these boots, so we dubbed them "The Hot Boots".

I’ll admit it here. I saw these boots and knew I had to have them. I feel like a million bucks when I wear them. Usually I wear them under the aforementioned trousers, so you can’t get the full enjoyment of how hot they are. You can with this skirt and I think I need to find more skirts to wear them with.

I was SUPPOSED to go to the Mormon Temple in DC on Friday, however I had a slight dead car situation. Among other things. I planned to wear this outfit, then decided it was too cute to waste lazing about the house. I took it off and set it aside for Sunday, giving me two cute outfits super close together.

Trust me, it never happens.  Ozma is Fashion Stupid.

Black outfit I wore on March 6

March 6th outfit.

I bought the skirt last year and love it. I like black and white together. So contrasty and pretty.

March 6th's outfit

I really like this jacket.

I teamed the outfit with this fun jacket I got on mega sale. Seriously? I think I paid 3 bucks for it. How do you say no to something like that? It has an ever so slight dusty purple tinge under some lighting and I highly approve of this. I never quite know what to team it with, though.

March 6th Outfit again

I removed the jacket for a different look

Don’t ask about my ghetto looking fence. This is the portion that looks great. Even with the broken screen that blew over in our high winds. The ghetto fence does detract from my awesome outfit, but hopefully not too much.

I would like to thank my wonderful son for photographing me again. I think he’s doing a good job! He told me today it “helps to have a photographer for a mom.” What a sweet kid. Don’t believe what people say. Teens CAN be cool. And I do believe 12 is really a teen.

I would also like to thank my two fave Fashion Blogger Idols. Elaine posts DAILY all manner of cuteness that is also modest. She amazes me. It takes a lot of work to do this. When we were preparing fashion posts on Parenting in Poverty 10 years ago? We never did as nice a job as Elaine. (Sorry Dragyn Pryncess!) Natalie about everything, but in the mix are some amazing fashion posts. She inspires me on so many levels.

–Lady O