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Wondered where Lady Ozma vanished to over the last week and why she missed posting on her blog-a-versary, marking eight wonderful years on this personal blog? It all started when I took a stroll down the yellow brick road…

Or something like that. Really I chained myself to the computer and researched vehicles like a mad woman. I love my 2002 Ford Windstar minivan, but with 151,000 miles she was a little road-weary. Some of the issues we worked around for several years. The door that wouldn’t always unlock? We’d count to three and try again. I really only opened those two back windows in the summer for releasing heat, so when one broke it didn’t seem like a big deal.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of other issues going on. After yet another dead battery incident (though not as traumatic as last year’s incident getting stranded at midnight in the dark) I completely lost it. The weird electric issue we don’t know how to diagnose did me in. While Megs was on travel of all times.

It sparked a week of me crying, researching, crying, test-driving, crying, checking the bank for a loan, crying…

You get the picture.

We weighed our choices. Minivan? SUV? What are these Crossover things?

In the end, we settled on a Dodge Journey Crew.

Kudos to my Dodge dealership for doing this… talk about SUPER FUN! Give them some comment love if you feel like it!

What can I say? It’s sporty, it’s cute, and it’s a Dodge. My first ride was a beautiful 1982 Dodge Charger with four on the floor. Oh baby.

The 1982 Dodge Charger

Not my actual car. However, that's the same paint job I had! Thanks dkarros.com!

You might recognize the glorious Dodge Charger more if you think of the most famous drivers of one… Bo and Luke Duke. Every time I passed a cop, I muttered, “Rosco P. Coltrain!”

While sporty, I’m not so sure that my new car resembles my old car very much. I loved that Charger, but in 30 years, saying the automobile industry changed might be an understatement.

So first up, props where props are due: Megs picked the car. He picked the colour. He picked the features. He all but custom-hand-built this car just for me. (I bet he could if he wanted to. He’s brilliant!) He took everything he knew about me, my driving style, my needs in carting two wild teen boys around, and even the things that make me crazy on the road. He even held my hand and let me cry on his shoulder, reminding me that it really was time to part with my beloved minivan. He comforted me as I stressed about entering the world of car payments again, knowing how much I hate debt and payments.  He even took care of some of the tougher tasks for me.

I cannot thank him enough. Especially since I’m pretty sure he thought I was absolutely out of my ever-lovin’ mind. And honestly? It is probably a fair assessment. I have never claimed to be the most sane and I go from zero to neurotic at ludicrous speed.

Doesn’t stop me from having fun. Check out this 5-minute video of me showing off my new car to some friends on a test drive starting at backing into a space (Much love to Yuna for being my videographer! Give her some comment love at YouTube!):

I will fully admit to NEVER backing into parking spaces because it scares the life out of me. Back-up Cameras are made of the win. With a side of Awesome Sauce. Laugh if you want, but when you have no depth perception like me, this invention is a God-given miracle that was a deal breaker for me. I’m so glad that the US Government passed a law making them mandatory in the future.

Did you enjoy my doing donuts in the parking lot? I’m a fan of a good turn radius and any vehicle as large as this one that can make a 360 degree turn in roughly the length of two parking spaces? Not shabby. I’m so going to need to get THAT on video from the outside!

Tune in later this week when I take you for a photographic Journey inside to see some of my favourite features of my new ride.

To think, for my 8-year-blog-a-versary, I could have gotten an iPad 2. Instead, I bought myself a new car.

After all, I need wheels if I’m going to have anything interesting to tell you about life’s Journey…

–Lady O

**Disclaimer – I receive no kickbacks from Dodge or my local dealership for blogging about my new Dodge Journey. I just like talking about my life and a new car (be it new to you or actually new) is always blog-worthy. However, if anyone is listening… I’d really like those heated seats. I’m just saying. 😉 Also, if you wanna pay off any portion of my loan? I’d be forever in love with you. Really? I hate car loans.