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Desperate Cupcakes

Desperate Cupcakes

Written by: Anita Dyette
Pages: 80
The private lives of cupcakes—exposed!
Sure, cupcakes are all sweet when they’re all dolled up for birthday parties, but what happens when the wrapper comes off? This deliciously funny book gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the wild and tawdry lives of Desperate Cupcakes. You’ll meet insecure cupcakes like Sally, who wraps herself in bacon to bring the sizzle back into her relationship. Follow these cupcakes to the dark side as they experience sugar rushes and crashes, succumb to snack attacks, and engage in ill-advised activities (like riding with the Hells Angle Cakes.) You’ll delve into their fears, their woes, and their fierce suspicion of muffins. Ultimately, you’ll discover how truly difficult it is to be everyone’s favorite dessert

I picked this up at a book sale in May, and I actually read it then. However, I picked up a spare for my good friend of many years that loves to make cupcakes. It took me this long to manage to get it to her, so I held the reviewing until I gave it to her. After all, I wanted it to be a surprise!

Now here’s the way I see it. Cupcakes are good. Cupcakes are cute. Most of all, I’m desperate FOR cupcakes. Even if it is just to look at them.

I’m also a fan of cute ideas. And this is definitely high on the cute.

As a photographer, I’m always up for a creative way to display art, which was the other draw to this book.  In this book, the draw was a silly soap opera like story for each cupcake art. I must admit, I don’t think I’m near as creative as some of the scenarios posed in this book.

I laughed through each page.  I might even admit to drooling over some of those cupcakes, but that would probably cost me a few hot points. I’m a Lady, and as such I do not drool. Not even over tasty looking cupcake-pr0n.

This is just a fun little five-minute art book, but a gem for that cupcake-lover in your life. Sadly, another friend is now in the cupcake biz, and I don’t have a copy for her. I feel sort of bad. But I’m not sure if I feel bad enough to part with my seriously-not-drooled-on book. If I were her husband, I’d totally snag this book for her as a gift.

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–Lady O
*Disclaimer – Really, no books were drooled on in the making of this post. I promise.*