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When I got married, I think I lived in the kitchen. I loved having my own kitchen, baking, organizing, decorating, and…cleaning.

Nothing gets dirtier faster than the kitchen. (Except the bathroom and the laundry room. But that’s a whole other set of entries.)

I’ve lived in a lot of houses, I’ve gone through a lot of kitchens. The one I have now is not the worst, but not the best. I think it is probably one of the best and I really want to do some major work in there the first part of this year. Unfortunately, it’s not a massive McMansion kitchen like I see on Pinterest, but I think I can make it awesome.

I’ve found some really awesome ideas, that I could do, I’m just not sure how to actually make them happen.

The first thing I tried was:

The first few weeks of the year focused on the kitchen. It’s like they read my mind. Sadly, with teen boys what organizing I’ve done with my drawers/cabinets/pantry just does not last long. It’s an eternal cycle in this house. Makes me crazy, but it also makes me happy. I try to remind myself a messy pantry means full and happy boys!

This week I focused on my fridge. Ahhh, it’s all clean and organized again. I’m a weirdo so I like a clean fridge with certain things  on certain shelves. OCD much? Yes.

Here’s an example of something I’d love to do, but I’m not sure how to accomplish it:

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