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When I found this, I cheered:

Clean my glass-top stove? BRILLIANT!

I love my glass-top stove. It’s the third one I’ve had, the first one I’ve picked out myself. I think it’s hands down the best stove I’ve ever had. It gets that praise over the other two because it includes a combination convection oven.

However, after nearly three and a half years, it now looks like this:

dirty stove from use

Not as nasty as a coil stove gets, but not as pretty as on installation day!

Guess which burners I don’t use as often!

Things boil over, teens don’t clean up as well as they could, and just plain life happens and your pretty stove ends up a mess. I try so hard to get those rings off, but they just seem to get worse!

Why not try this idea from Pinterest? All it takes is some dish soap, a rag, warm water, and baking soda. Well, OK.

So first I wiped the stove off, then I sprinkled a ton of baking soda on the top of the stove. I then soaked a hand towel in water and dish soap. Like in the Pinterest picture, I spread the dish rag over the stove-top and left it for 15 minutes.

After the time went off, I started scrubbing. I made kids scrub. We worked hard.

Now it looks like this:

stovetop after 1 cleaning, i swear it looks better while looking the same

Can’t tell much of a difference.

Hmmm, you really can’t tell much of a difference. I promise you, my hand towel might never look the same again. It’s pretty nasty looking so that’s a little scary.  If you lean down close, you can tell it looks better, but your nose needs to pretty much rest on the stove top. Try not to do that if you are cooking.

We might try this treatment a few more times just to see if we can get it to look better over time. The blog entry explaining how to do this did say it took her a couple of tries to clean hers.

I wanted to also make some other stuff, but it’s close to 70 degrees outside so forget that. We went on a walk. Which goes with all my awesome workout pins.

That’s my Pinterest week. Have a great day!

–Lady O