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If you don’t know by now, I love Halloween. And if you really don’t know that, what’s wrong with you? I’m a costumer for crying out loud and have a slight obsession with skull skirts. Consider this your shaming.

So what happens when a nutty skull skirt loving Halloween obsessed Lady Ozma heads into the fabric store to purchase some fleece for a charity event and finds holiday fabric on sale? Shop-a-polooza that’s what!

Just a few of my fun Halloween fabrics

Here’s just a few of the fabrics I picked out.

Next up: Choose your fabric!

And after the shopping spree, decide on how many and what type of skirts you are going to make. The challenge: One skirt for each day of the second half of October. The mini-goal: Skulls in as many of said skirts as possible.

Challenge(s) Accepted!

There’s officially 15 days left in October, so that’s 15 days of skirt wearing for me. Will they all be different? I certainly hope so. Of course, I already have a few that I can wear so that will help, however I need to make some new skirts. Follow my blog as I make this journey.  I will likely end up with more than just Tuesday posts, but we’ll see what happens.

Skirt 1: A-line Spiders

An A-line skirt is somewhere in between a half-circle skirt and a pencil skirt. You get some curvature as well as some flare, but it is just not as full. You can speed walk to your next appointment, but use less fabric. A-line skirts = lovely.

Best of all, you pretty much use the same process as for the pencil skirt/straight skirt.

Remember this pattern?

If not, click the link above. All you do to make an A-line is you just continue the line from C-D until you reach your desired hem length.  Then make a nice curve from E to your new dot.  I would recommend checking your hem length in several places unless you are much better at sketching than Lady O. Left to my devices I would end up with a hem of 19 inches in places and 21 in other. I’m just that talented.

Or in this case: Not-so-talented.  I’m pretty sure I got passed in art class just so teachers wouldn’t need to see me again.  I can rock the stick figures, but that’s about it.

Next up: Choose your fabric!

I chose the purple and black with cute spiders and webs. I loved it! OK, so the purple may have a wee little something to do with that. I cut out two pieces from my pattern and went to the sewing machine.

I stitched up one side seam, added the zipper to the other, and then closed that side seam. Nothing I haven’t gone over before!

I did use the serger to finish all my edges: waist, hem, and both side seams. It’s also serged under the zipper.

For this skirt I did my typical bias tape waist.  I chose not to hem the skirt, but I may change my mind. I’m really not a fan of unfinished, but I’ve wanted to work on some decorative hems. I used black threads and I felt the pretty serged finish actually kind of looked webby, which fits this skirt’s pattern so I thought I would leave the hem as-is.

Here I am! What do you think?

Spiderweb skirt

Cute A-line spiderweb skirt

And for the record, I have no idea why these spiders are so cute. Spiders are evil monsters and need to die. They have far too many legs and super creepy eyes in real life.

Enjoy my first skirt! Next up will be two skirts in one – a fully reversible wrap skirt! Yes, the fabrics are missing from the above photograph.

Commenters: If you’d like to see me do something special with any of the above fabrics, don’t hesitate to leave me a note. Most of that fabric is still uncut, which is a little scary since it’s time for skirt wearing!

–Lady O