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As many of my readers know, I love to sew. By that, I mean I like to sew weird things like my fascination with skull skirts. (Seriously, every girl needs at least one skull skirt in her closet. I have…uh… five? Do you really want me to count?)

In case you missed them, here’s some skirts. And yes, there’s some DIY How-to tutorial action going on:

I’m a pretty friendly gal. You know it’s cool when the friends say things like:

I don’t like skirts, but I’d totally wear one of yours!

We’ll let her be anonymous so we don’t like totally kill her street cred or anything!



Why don’t you open an etsy shop? Your skirts are so cool

Why don’t I? Oh right, it takes money to make skirts.

I appreciate it. Feel free to leave me comment love below. It makes my day! (Some of the FB comment love seriously has given me much-needed boosts to get through hard days. Love, love, love, love all you fans of Oz!  Big hugs!)

Better than all of this though is seeing what YOU do. This is my first ever “fan brag” post. I love it! I want to do more! Please, feel free to “like” me on Facebook and share your brags with me. I WANT to feature them! Really!

I love to see people trying new things. I especially like people challenging the fashion norms. Keeps things fresh, real, and interesting!  So this is me, saying to you, share your brag! (It doesn’t even have to be super weird or anything.)

Never fear, I’ve got a project I’m working on as I type this. No, it doesn’t feature skulls. Right now at least. (Anyone want to sponsor me for a new embroidery machine, I’m seriously open. Uh, really. HA!)

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