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It’s time for a third round of Pinterest success stories! Huzzah!  Missed number 1 or number 2? Feel free to check them out!

I’m cruising around my Pinterest and wondering what I can do next when I decided to bite the bullet and make some mixes. Admittedly, I didn’t make as many as I wanted to, but that’s because I took Caramon to finish his Eagle paperwork. And he did! About time!

We started with this pin:

Seemed simple enough. One large box of Borax, one large box of washing soda, three bars of Fels Naptha soap. We grated the soap and this ended up in boys alternating. Those bars are hard! We did read that you can attempt to swap out for ivory and that might be nice. We like ivory a lot and it might be smaller. The smell is O.K. but definitely not like some of the detergents you purchase. Easily solved, and we’ll work on that and put in a future post! This ended up filling not only a 19 cup plastic container but half a quart sized ziplock baggie which I plan to share with a friend. I did some quickie math, the container is about 300 tablespoons and this only takes 1 tbsp per load. Holy wow, that’s going to last forever and I spent a whopping $12 on this stuff. Hoping it works out well!

**Update 8 August 2013 – For real, we still have a crate ton of this stuff left! Year supply? More so! You do the math there… And… I’ve totally stopped using fabric softener. This works just fine!**

We made up some muffin and pancake mixes next. This will work well as we like to make those a lot. We made the muffins up and for whatever reason all our chocolate chips sank to the bottom. That happens with us sometimes anyway, but still a bummer. I will admit that the muffins tasted OK, but they were a bit “eggy”. We’re going to try to cut an egg next time and see what happens.

We planned to make the brownie mix, which seems a little friendlier with less sugar, but we’re short on containers so I decided that with nine box mixes, we could hold out.

On the brownie note, we did try this:

Consensus: Where have you been our whole lives? Oh wait. Awful. Don’t do this one. Your hips will thank me. (Really, this was fantastic and a true winner!)

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