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Outside of food and on the craftie front, I made one of these chapstick cozies:

It went together crazy fast and turned out nice. I plan to make these as some small gifts for Christmas. I first need to pick up an actual tube of chapstick just to ensure I get the sizing correct. The one I made ended up with a slightly bulkier yarn than I think looks phenomenal, but it will work. I think this would be a fantastic use of scrap yarn!

And the process on the baby hoodie?

Awesome. I finally finished the knitting, but did not have enough yarn for the hood. I need to just put the pieces together! Hopefully that will be done by next week.

I’m hoping that all this work is good for my family. I’m saving money, we’re eating at home, and we’re just all around being “healthy” and “green” at the same time.

The internet dubbed this as “Unprocessed October” and I am grateful for the #unprocessed community, especially on twitter.  They cheered for me, chatted with me, and offered me great advice in my mix making endeavors. I definitely plan to do more! I just want containers and a pretty kitchen!

I also want to give a shout out to my yarnie buddies, thanks for all the support you’ve offered as well as ideas! You’re amazing!

This week I also spent some time cleaning up my DIY board and turned it into several more specialized boards. You might want to check it out if you like to subscribe to my feed.

–Lady O