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Striiv gives you points for reaching goals and completing challenges. I love the challenges because they really get you moving. You can do crazy ones like exercise for fifteen minutes, sure, but they have things like “Take 100 steps in 10 minutes”. Every day you get “Burn a Soda” for burning 150 calories. (It moves to cupcake after that. Do I smell reward?)

I love the encouragement!

It tracks long-term goals as well.


That’s a lot of calories burned! Obviously, not all in one day!


Woot, I made it to 100k all-time steps! Go me! And look, I walked the Golden Gate Bridge & Burned a Cupcake that day. Holla!

My personal fave? OK, the day I “crossed Rhode Island” was pretty dang cool, but then I got this bad boy:

You know that went on Instagram. (I’m over 90 miles now!)

WIth the lightening bolt energy, you can buy challenges or you can play the in app game, My Land. Look, I’m a geek gurl. I dig simulators. I can’t remember the first time I played Sim City, but I would rock that game. My Land is much like Sim City, it’s just an island.  Here’s mine when I first started it:


There’s a little something more going on now, but not much. I’m saving up money to upgrade some houses. Maybe I’ll instagram something later when I have my island looking respectable.

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