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The final thing I love, you can walk for a cause. Partnered with Global Giving, you can walk with a buddy to provide a day’s worth of clean water to a child in South America. Clean water is something we take for granted in the states, much like these fancy phones that allow you cool things like walking apps. You and your partner take turns walking for 5000 steps. When you reach 30,000, Striiv donates one day of clean water. So far, I’ve helped donate six days of clean water.

Survey Says:

Striiv Walking App:


  • Free for iPhone
  • Fairly accurate step counter (you know I counted, it was “close enough for government work”)
  • Offers easy challenges for your busy day
  • Motivating and cute goals
  • Promotes fitness with friends, everything is better with friends
  • Leader board with friends for the competitive soul
  • Integrates with My Fitness Pal and Run Keeper
  • Includes a few game like aspects
  • Can step up your game with stairs. (pun totally and completely intended
  • Pedometer accessory for additional cost
  • In app messaging to motivate friends


  • Only in beta for Android. But hey, it’s better than nothing.
  • Doesn’t count your steps if you don’t walk for about 20-30 steps. It then throws those in, but if you make a lot of little trips for a couple of steps, those are lost.
  • Pedometer accessory for additional cost
  • App must run in the background to count steps, which can drain your battery. I didn’t notice this unless I was continually doing challenges, but others have seen a large battery drain.
  • Cannot see what goals you earned on previous days, especially for those long term ones. What can I say, I want a trophy wall!

What gets you moving?

–Lady O

*Disclaimer: This is an unsolicited review. I reviewed this product because I like it and for no other reason.