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A Witness

Perhaps this blessing came as reward to her service, we may never know. What we do know is she heard about Mary and Joseph’s presence in the temple that fateful day. Simeon carried a promise of God that he might set eyes upon the Savior before death. He pronounced a blessing on young Jesus’s head and Anna rushed in to see the child.

No “What a cute baby” from her lips. No they uttered thanks to God for fulfilling all His promises.

From that day forward she spoke of Jesus, testified of him, told all looking for redemption that at long last the Messiah was here! Given her work in the Temple, I am sure her words reached a lot of ears.

How do we witness once we are given the knowledge of Christ? Are we ready to tell everyone about Him? Every member of Christ’s family has the responsibility to follow in Anna’s footsteps. We need to watch for those that might need help finding Christ’s love and redemption.

It is easy for us to keep quiet, but we need to open our mouths. Sure, it is scary to do so. If a woman well advanced in years living in the ancient times could find the courage, so can you. I believe in you, but more importantly Heavenly Father believes in you.

Be your own kind of beautiful.

Anna’s name means grace, which commonly means elegance or beauty. Some women age well, and perhaps Ann was among the lucky few. More importantly is that God found her exceedingly beautiful. Someone so enthralled in the work of God has His spirit shining through them. Allow your faith to show on your posture and in your face as you witness.

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