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A Personal Ministry

There is something out there for each of us. Some work we can do. Some minister in official ways, working in high levels of their church. Others minister in more subtle ways through friendship and encouraging those around them. It does not matter what your ministry is, so long as you follow it through. It is the one chosen for you.

From speakers and teachers at my church, I hear all the time how they think the current subject matter was something they needed to learn about. With the sentiment that you learn best when you prepare to teach, I want these people to know I always learn something amazing from them. I completely understand the feeling though. I know that my personal journey with each of these women has taught me more than I could ever express in print.

No matter if your ministry is one that is public or one that is private, you will learn and grown in faith as well as knowledge. You discover so much when you are actively involved in a pursuit.

Anna felt a personal ministry to serve in the temple of her Lord. Later she testified of Christ. We do not know her other ministries, but we can easily guess some of them. Who do you think benefited from her work?

The priests benefited by having a devout woman in their midst. A righteous example, reminding them of everything a woman should be for the Lord. Hopefully they could remember this when they returned to their wives at home.

The other women regularly spending time in the temple, just like Anna. They knew they could turn to Anna just as she could turn to them. Her example to them as well as a kindred spirit to discuss the acts of their service and gospel matters with.

Visitors to the temple also enjoyed the blessing of Anna’s acquaintance. She served them, talked with them, showed them the way to where they needed to go.

Those looking for redemption and finding Anna soon found themselves on the way to following Christ. She testified to them of His birth, His divinity, and His redemption. How joyous these souls must have been to meet Anna!

The list goes on and on. Even today her ministry lives on thanks to Luke’s telling of this one moment in her life.

Walking with Anna for a time, I learned that I want to follow in her footsteps. How can I make myself over like Anna? The first and largest step is to turn myself over to God. To listen for His call, to answer it willingly, to serve in whatever capacity comes my way. No murmuring here, Lord. Turn your life and your heart over to Him, just as Anna did. You will not be sorry. I am working on this and can report that as of yet, there is nothing to regret.

Now, Anna must return to her duties in her own ministry at the temple. May we all find our personal ministries as she did.

–Lady O
*Author’s Note* I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Easter for those celebrating today.  I debated moving Anna to next week in search of a different woman more Easter related.  In the end, I thought that Anna’s relationship, however brief, at the beginning of His life as well as her example of Witnessing would be fantastic.

I hope that you enjoy your Easter Sunday with your families and friends.  I’m with you in heart.

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